About Us

At Unity Roasters, we pride ourselves on a very high-quality product, where every bean roasted is able to be enjoyed as intended, as a black single origin brew. 


This is achieved by working very closely with producers and specialist coffee merchants from all over the globe, from whom we are able to secure some of the most desirable coffee beans, allowing us a premium product with which to supply exquisite single origin coffee and coffee blends. 


Once received, the green bean is stored in a purpose-built space, where temperature and humidity are held at an ideal constant, allowing us consistency in our end product - a step further than anyone else in the roasting business.  


All our coffee is roasted on some of the finest machinery built, handmade in Germany by Probat.  We also use the latest Cropster roasting intelligence software, guaranteeing a further level of control by recording and storing the data so it can be referred to at any juncture, giving us the reliability to always offer the highest grade of roast that is the hallmark of our company.